About Me


“You can never be too short as a quarterback. It’s not about the height.”
Drew Brees, quarterback, New Orleans Saints 

I like to say I am “bicoastal” because although I grew up in Los Angeles, I envision my ~future~ in Manhattan. For now, however, I live in Washington, D.C., where I am currently an undergraduate student at Georgetown University majoring in English and minoring in History and French. I grew up in a household where sports were always on–Sundays were reserved for football, summers for baseball, and the rest of the year for waiting for those seasons to start up again. So it should come as no surprise that when people started to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up,  it came naturally to reply, “sportswriter.” And because I love creative writing and have been known to have strong–and even, I admit, stubborn–opinions, I found that writing sports columns was not only my favorite extra curricular activity but also my budding passion.

So, at the grand stature of 5’1”, I present to you my personal website, which includes not only a link to my columns but also a more informal and personal sports blog. So read a little and let me know your opinions–especially if you have as many as I do.

When not writing about sports, watching sports or playing sports (I have recently taken up wiffle ball), I am most likely at the beach, [wo]manning grilling or chugging iced coffee. Or fending off jokes about my notably short stature. You take your pick.